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This is the Hero!
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 1
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This is the Hero! (これがヒーローだ Kore ga Hīrō da!?) is the 1st episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Akebono City is a peaceful community overflowing with humanity. But Jamanga, the army of demons serves as the main enemy of the S.H.O.T organization and the Madan Warriors. Their main purpose is to gather minus energy that is created when humans are in despair to resurrect their leader, Daimaou GrenGhost. What will Kenji do as he first arrives in Akebono City and encounters demons?


Kenji Narukami arrives in Akebono City as the Riot Police set up. He got mistaken as the "enemy" initially by the Akebono Police. Director Yukimura request Chief Detective Hanada to evacuate him to safety and informs that Akebono City is under Martial Law. Just then, an army of one-eyed Jamanga foot-soldiers, Tsukaima appears, Director Yukimura tried to talk to them to disperse but failed. Finally, Jamanga General, Doctor Worm appears behind the Jamanga foot-soldiers and signal the foot-soldiers to start attacking the police. Kenji is disappointed at the 3 Chiefs leaving the Police Team behind and tries to flee themselves. He got dragged by the Jamanga foot-soldiers and throughout the riot, he got free and saves a puppy as a result. Kenji defeats some of the foot-soldiers as he tries to get to safety. He got caught by the sudden attack of 1 of the foot-soldier and get knocked back. Masked Rider in white arrives to defeat the army of foot-soldiers. Doctor Worm immediately declare retreat to the remaining foot-soldiers. Kenji tries to question the identity of Masked Rider in white but gets advice not to let down his guard as failure to do so might result in death and left with Wolf Bike.

Civilians started opening their shops and clearing the debris. Policewomen Ichiko and Ritsuko started their patrolling in the city and remind the civilians to report any suspicious life forms to the Akebono Police Headquarters. One of the shop owners notices the puppy that Kenji saved and thanks him. Kenji got treated a Mango Croquette by the shop owner and asked about the story of the demons that appear in Akebono City. The shop owner shares that the Demons appear half a year ago after a strange meteorite found in a construction site. Kenji asked about the Masked Rider in white and found out he is affiliated with S.H.O.T.

Back in the Hell, at Jamanga Base, another Jamanga General Jack Moon commented that foot-soldiers are too weak to fight against the Warrior the humans created. Doctor Worm replies that Dark Canon mentioned Human Fear, Sadness, Pain will gather Minus Energy which they are gathering will be used to awaken the Great Demon King's egg. Once their king is awakened, they will be conquering the world. Jack Moon rebutted Doctor Worm's abilities to stir fear in humans but Doctor Worm counters that if he created a Demon Beast using Madan Key, even Human Warriors will not be a match for it. Doctor Worm started the creation of Demon Beast and it turns out to be Reptolilix, a metal-eating insect Demon Beast impervious to most blades and guns.

While walking through the city, Kenji meets florist Kaori Nose but the Metal-insect Demon Beast appears to gather the Minus Energy from scared people. Juushirou Fudou and Rin Sakyou arrives and stop Kenji from coming close to the Demon Beast and informs they are from the Akebono Police. Rin explains that Demon Beast is they saw is energy gathering demon and is living in the paddy field mountains. Kenji attacks the demon himself as Fudou and Rin is refusing to do anything to the demon and said it is S.H.O.T's jurisdiction. When the Demon tries to flee, Kenji jump onto its back.

Back in S.H.O.T's Base, Commander Amachi notices that GekiRyuKen selects Kenji as its user and order Kiichi Setoyama to send GekiRyuKen to Kenji. A flash of light appears from the sky and hit Kenji off the Demon Beast and fall from the roof of the Temple. Kenji is surprised that he is still alive and notices GekiRyuKen beside him. Kenji is curious about what is this item. After the introduction from GekiRyuKen, he refuses to believe and thought he must be hallucinating due to the fall earlier that knocked his head. Just then, Demon Beast Reptolilix appears in front of Kenji. GekiRyuKen wants Kenji to follow his instructions but the latter ignore. GekiRyuKen decided to take over Kenji's mind and transform him into RyuKenDo. After the few encounters with the Demon Beast, Kenji activates his Final Break finishing move, Madan Slash, which is activated by using the Final Key and slices the Beast into two and defeated the beast and collected a Madan Key from the remains of the Demon Beast.

Juushirou Fudou and Rin Sakyou arrives at the temple and is lead by a civilian to the location. Kenji fainted after defeating the Demon Beast and is brought back to SHOT Base. Rin removes the Madan Key that Kenji is holding in his hand and inform Commander Amachi that they have collected a Madan Key. However, Fudou feels that Kenji is not suitable for the duty of RyuKenDo and felt that he is an amateur but Amachi decides to give Kenji a chance.


Arsenal UsedEdit

  • Madan Keys Used
    • RyuGun Key
    • Wolf Key
    • RyuKen Key
    • Final Key


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