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The Thunder Key's Power (サンダーキーの力 Sandā Kī no Chikara?) is the eleventh episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


In Jamanga's Base, Thunder Key with the strongest magic was fused with a part of the body from Jack Moon, and the clone, Elemoon was born. Elemoon is on the mission of defeating RyuKenDo and is rampaging by shooting lightning everywhere. Kenji and Fudou are powerless against the power of thunder. Devices in S.H.O.T.'s base are also short-circuited due to the influence of overcurrent, and Commander Amachi will carry out unprecedented ground operations. It was a strategy to hunt down Elemoon and capture it in an armoured tank!


In Jamanga's Base, Doctor Worm is reminiscing the past encounter with RyuKenDo that happens in Episode 3, 4, 7 and 8. He is angry that RyuKenDo keeps ruining his plans. Jack Moon commented that Doctor Worm is afraid of RyuKenDo as the latter studies the Madan Warriors a lot but still loses shamefully. Doctor Worm replied that he did not lose, DaiMaOh is the proof where he continues to grow since his mission is to gather Minus Energy to revive DaiMaOh, it does not matter if he wins or loses the battle. Jack Moon asked Doctor Worm if he has any good plan currently. Doctor Worm reveals his latest plan to use the greatest magical power of the Thunder Key to allow Jack Moon to become stronger. If Jack Moon adds the power of Thunder Key to his sword, he can attack from a distance.

However, Jack Moon asks Doctor Worm why is he trying to eliminate him as the Thunder Key is proven to be too powerful for him. Doctor Worm is surprised that Jack Moon knows about this. Doctor Worm highlighted that defeating RyuKenDo is their greatest priority currently for DaiMaOh. He blames Jack Moon for not defeating RyuKenDo quickly, causing their plan not to progress. Jack Moon replies that it is true that he swears his loyalty to DaiMaOh but he does not take orders from Doctor Worm. When DaiMaOh is revived, Jack Moon hopes that he didn't lose the power he once had. Meanwhile, Kenji is seen arriving at a training area with GekiRyuKen as he wishes to become stronger. Kenji recalls what Umi told him in Episode 10 which reveals to be asking Kenji to exert himself. GekiRyuKen asked Kenji what will he do if the demon doesn't use a sword. Kenji replied that he is doing this training because he likes it. This conversation causes a distraction to him and resulting in swinging bamboo sticks to hit him.

Back in Jamanga's Base, Jack Moon slices a part of his flesh using his sword. He asked Doctor Worm to create a clone of himself. Doctor Worm comments that there is some limitation for clones where they only have half of the original copy's magical power. Jack Moon replies that its plenty and passes back the Thunder Key to Doctor Worm. Doctor Worm started to create a clone of Jack Moon via the Dark Cannon. Jack Moon names his clone as Elemoon and sends it to head the surface to fight against RyuKenDo. Doctor Worm is surprised at Jack Moon's action and thought that he wanted to defeat RyuKenDo himself. Jack Moon replied that if RyuKenDo is defeated by a clone of him, there is no reason for Jack Moon to appear. Doctor Worm mumbles that there is also RyuGunOu, and felt sorry and pity that Jack Moon is ignoring him.

In the training area, Kenji comments that he is starving. GekiRyuKen asked what will Kenji to for his training. Kenji replied that he hated great exertion since his youth. Suddenly, a loud crash can be heard. GekiRyuKen replied that is caused by a demon with Kenji commenting why Rin didn't report anything. In S.H.O.T.'s Base, all devices are also short-circuited due to the influence of overcurrent. Elemoon is seen on Akebono street shooting random bolts of lightning via his sword. Fudou and Kenji are seen hiding to avoid being hit by the bolts of lightning. Fudou knocks out Kenji to prevent him from attempting to fight Elemoon. Kenji is later seen waking up in S.H.O.T.'s Base. Kenji asking why Fudou is doing this to him. Rin replied that Kenji should thank Fudou for saving him as he could die the moment he tries to transform. Being pressurised, Kenji has no choice but to thanks Fudou for saving him. Amachi calls for a meeting to discuss how to handle Elemoon. Kenji is questioning if the demon they are seeing is Jack Moon as his way of fighting is different. Amachi replied that they are still demon no matter what, and they must ensure no further damage is done.

Akebono Police SWAT Team tried to shoot Elemoon with bullets but failed. They are knocked down by bolts of lightning that are fired by Elemoon. In Jamanga's Base, Doctor Worm is questioning on Elemoon's behaviour, consider that he is a swordsman's clone but he is glad that he is still gathering Minus Energy. Kenji is later seen asking Setoyama if he has any new keys, for example, a new mode to counter lightning. Setoyama replied there is none, asking Kenji to reply on his existing Madan Keys. Fudou asking Kenji if that is Kenji's interpretation on becoming stronger. Becoming stronger does not depend on magical power or one's power, Kenji needs to understand what is needed to fight Jamanga. Later, Madan Warriors are seen transformed and summoned their JuuOhs, Buster Wolf and Brave Leon, preparing to fight Elemoon. RyuGunOu reminded RyuKenDo on their plans but before he can finish, RyuKenDo started his battle against Elemoon. As RyuKenDo leaves the scene, Jack Moon ordered Elemoon to chase after RyuKenDo.

The Madan Warriors finally lure Elemoon to their 3-way trap, with RyuKenDo in Fire mode, summoned Fire Kong in Fire Cannon Mode at the left side, RyuGunOu with Buster Wolf in the middle. and a huge armoured black tank used in Episode 3 at the right side. Fire RyuKenDo launches Fire Cannon at Elemoon and the impact causes Elemoon to flies into the direction towards the huge armoured black tank and fell. Setoyama requested Fire RyuKenDo to attack Elemoon one more time and asked Amachi and Rin to get ready. This time, Fire RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fire their attacks at the same time sending Elemoon into the black tank with Amachi closing the hatch of the tank and Rin cutting off the power cables. Doctor Worm is glad that thank goodness its the clone that gets defeated, who knows what will happen if that is the real one. Jack Moon is angry that Elemoon causes shame to him.

It is revealed that this plan is thought by Amachi to trap Elemoon for eternity as this armoured black tank is so tough that it won't break from any firepower. Suddenly, Rin shouted that she is receiving signals that power is spreading with Setoyama commented that with power cables being cut, it does not matter if the enemy has magic or not. The hatch for armoured black tank started to open and before Elemoon can take a step out of the tank, he drops his sword and vanishes. Thunder Key is seen returning to the hand of Jack Moon and he makes an appearance in front of the armoured black tank. He commended that trapping Elemoon is an interesting plan and they mustn't be too reliant on projective weapons. Jack Moon is pleased that despite Elemoon is a useless clone, he managed to make Madan Warriors suffer. RyuKenDo remarks that they did defeat Elemoon. Jack Moon replied that Elemoon's defeat is not due to Madan Warriors but relying too much on the magical power of the Thunder Key and thus destroying himself. RyuGunOu started to shoot Jack Moon, riding on Buster Wolf and head towards the S.H.O.T.'S members that are hidden in the armoured tank.

RyuKenDo tries to fight Jack Moon but get sweep away. Jack Moon commented that RyuKenDo way too weak and seems that he has overestimated RyuKenDo's abilities. Jack Moon launches an attack, Full Moon Slash towards RyuKenDo but hits the armoured black tank, causing it to be destroyed, with hatch being split into two pieces. Jack Moon announced that fangless weaklings have no right to fight against him. However, he commended RyuKenDo that he can cut him once in Episode 5, as a reward, he gives the Thunder Key to RyuKenDo. Jack Moon launches another attack on the armoured black tank, causing it to break into smaller pieces. Jack Moon reveals that he won't miss the next attack. If RyuKenDo wants to protect his comrades, he will have to use the key.

Setoyama tries to stop RyuKenDo that he should not use a Madan Key that is not fixed as who knows what will happen if he does so. GekiRyuKen also tried to stop RyuKenDo as who knows if it will have any impact on him. RyuKenDo ignores any warnings and tried to use the Thunder Key. Jack Moon is pleased with RyuKenDo attempting to use Thunder Key. RyuKenDo is being shocked by the magical power of Thunder Key. Jack Moon reveals that using Thunder Key will drain Kenji's life, if he doesn't use it, he will not be able to defeat him. Thunder Key keep shocking RyuKenDo causing RyuKenDo to keep changing into Fire and Aqua Mode but also shows a preview of RyuKenDo's Thunder Mode. Thunder Key gets ejected from GekiRyuKen, causing RyuKenDo to cancel transformation. Jack Moon is curious if Kenji can master the usage of Thunder Key. If he doesn't, he will not have any business with a weakling like him and leaves the scene.

Kenji tries to stop Jack Moon from leaving but failed. He went towards GekiRyuKen and tries to get a response from him but failed. Kenji is later seen with bandages around his forehead. He thought that using magic to become stronger will be okay. Fudou consoles Kenji that they managed to protect Akebono City. It doesn't matter what power it is as long everyone is protected. However, Kenji has one mistake which is dying to defeat Jack Moon. Kenji remarks that till now GekiRyuKen failed to respond with Fudou asking him to go and rest. In S.H.O.T.'s Base, Amachi is surprised that Kenji lost the ability to transform into RyuKenDo. Rin tried to cheer Kenji by bringing him Demon Croquet and a can of soft drink. However, he is seen missing from his bed.


  • Kenji Narukami (鳴神 剣二 Narukami Kenji?): Shogo Yamaguchi (山口 翔悟 Yamaguchi Shogo?)
  • GekiRyuKen (ゲキリュウケン Gekiryūken?, Voice): Kenji Nojima (野島 健児 Nojima Kenji?)
  • Juushirou Fudou (不動 銃四郎 Fudō Jūshirō?): Gen ( Gen?)
  • GouRyuGun (ゴウリュウガン Gōryūgan?, Voice): Yasunori Masutani (増谷 康紀 Masutani Yasunori?)
  • Rin Sakyo (左京 鈴 Sakyō Rin?): Kumi Imura (井村 空美 Imura Kumi?)
  • Yuuya Amachi (天地 裕也 Amachi Yūya?): Kei Shimizu (清水 圭 Shimizu Kei?)
  • Kiichi Setoyama (瀬戸山 喜一 Setoyama Kiichi?): Kentarou Miyagi (宮城 健太郎 Miyagi Kentaro?)
  • Doctor Worm (Dr.ウォーム Dokutā Wōmu?): Takao Handa (飯田 孝男 Handa Takao?)
  • Jack Moon (ジャークムーン Jakku Mūn?, Voice): Mitsutoshi Shiroya (城谷 光俊 Shiroya Mitsutoshi?)

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Today's S.H.O.T. Information

Featuring Madan Key: Thunder Key

  • It's a Madan Key that possesses terrifying magical power. Therefore, anyone that uses it have to be careful. Kenji using Thunder Key today was a mistake and he lost control since the Thunder Key has an unknown power.