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Single Blow Certain Victory! Dragon Cannon!
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 6
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Single Blow Certain Victory! Dragon Cannon! (一撃必勝!ドラゴンキャノン! Ichigeki Hisshō! Doragon Kyanon!?) is the 6th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


The Madan Key obtained by Aqua RyuKenDo for defeating Fire Tsukaima turns out to be the Cannon Key for GouRyuGun which will enable the Dragon Cannon but Fudou must undergo extensive training to be able to use it. Doctor Worm summons Balloon Gunner, which attaches itself to a tower in the city and turns people into balloons. Kenji is sent to deal with it while Fudou trains. However, he cannot get close enough to attack as Doctor Worm reveals that the balloon people will explode at noon. Fudou finishes training and heads for the building where he can attack Balloon Gunner. While trying to create a distraction for Fudou, Kenji is turned into a balloon. RyuGunOu is able to use Dragon Cannon to destroy Balloon Gunner and save the people with RyuKenDo preventing the resulting debris from causing more casualties.


Setoyama is recalling the incident on how Aqua RyuKenDo obtained the Madan Key he is holding onto in Episode 4. Amachi asked Setoyama to start decoding the usage of the Madan Key using Canon of Light, which is revealed to be Cannon Key, enabling RyuGunOu to use a new attack using GouRyuGun called Dragon Cannon. Back in Jamanga Base, Doctor Worm is seen using a Madan Key to create new Demon Beast with Jack Moon watching. The new Demon Beast is revealed to be Demon Beast Balloon Gunner.

In S.H.O.T's Base. Setoyama explains that the Cannon Key will take a hundred shots of GouRyuGun's energy and releases it in one shot. GouRyuGun commented that the current state of RyuGunOu is unable to shoot Dragon Cannon as the attack is too powerful. Hence, in order to use the Cannon Key, Setoyama suggested that they need to strengthen Fudou's muscles, which will require about 1 month worth of training. Kenji is happy that its RyuGunOu's turn to power up and looking forward to it. Suddenly, Fudou got angry suddenly when Kenji called him 'old man' as he recalls what happens yesterday as Kaori pass a flower to Fudou as appreciation for Police Force. As Fudou walked pass in the streets, the civilians are also calling him 'Old Man Fudou'. Fudou threatens Kenji that he is only twenty-five and if he hears Kenji calling him 'old man' again, he will give him the taste of Dragon Cannon.

Ichiko and Ritsuko are seen patrolling in the city and suddenly stops the Police Car beside a road. They both notice a big floating ball in the sky, with Ritsuko asking Ichiko, is that a balloon they are seeing. Ichiko concluded that it's a Demon Beast with Ritsuko commented that it is time to use their rifles on the Demon Beast. However, it seems that Balloon Gunner's surface is too durable that it is able to deflect gunshots. Balloon Gunner fires a green ray from its eye on Ritsuko and Ichiko and causes their bodies to start swelling up like a balloon. Back in Jamanga's Base, Doctor Worm is pleased with the results from Balloon Gunner and explains that its abilities are to cause people's cell to swell. As times go by, more and more civilians are targeted by Balloon Gunner, causing them to swell too. In S.H.O.T's Base, Amachi orders Kenji to move out with the latter asking for the whereabouts of Fudou.

It is revealed that Fudou is currently training to master Cannon Key in half a day at S.H.O.T's training facilities. On the way to defeat Balloon Gunner, Kenji encounters Tsukaima trying to stop him. Kenji transforms into RyuKenDo to defeats the Tsukaima. RyuKenDo tries to move closer to Balloon Gunner with the aid of Brave Leon in vehicle mode but failed to get close. Amachi decided to cancel operation to defeat Balloon Gunner and counts on Fudou to defeat the Demon Beast. RyuKenDo hopes that the civilians will hang on and wait for help to save them but instead notices that everyone seem to be having fun. Jack Moon commented to Doctor Worm that civilians have adapted to the calamity caused by Balloon Gunner and not generating any fear currently. Doctor Worm replied that the real terror is coming and announces to everyone in Akebono City that those people whose got turned into balloons by Balloon Gunner will blow up by noontime, with less than 1 hour time till 12, hoping them to enjoy their trip to the sky. Minus Energy started to generate after Doctor Worm delivers his notice to Akebono City.

Back in S.H.O.T's Base, Kenji requesting Amachi for approval to go alone to defeat Balloon Gunner but get rejected. Suddenly, Fudou appears with Setoyama via the elevator and informs that he has acquired Dragon Cannon. Setoyama briefs everyone on the plan to defeat Balloon Gunner, RyuGunOu will be stationed at the top of Akebono building, while RyuKenDo will be at the opposite point to attract the Demon Beast's attention. Fudou started moving to the Akebono building with Tsukaima interfering on the way. Fudou transforms into RyuGunOu and continues the fight with Tsukaima. On the way to the opposite point of Akebono building, Kenji notices Kaori hiding at a corner and asked the whereabouts of others with the latter pointing at the sky. Kaori decided to run towards Kenji, causing Balloon Gunner to notice her. Kenji pushes Kaori away and grabbed an item from the table and tries to throw towards Balloon Gunner with the Demon Beast launch the green ray towards Kenji at the same time.

RyuGunOu reached the top of Akebono building with the clock now showing 11.55 AM which left 5 minutes till terror arrives. Balloon Gunner started shooting a green ray at RyuGunOu but the latter dodges them. RyuGunOu tries to call for RyuKenDo to response but didn't get a reply. RyuGunOu decided to risk it and tries to fight Balloon Gunner himself. RyuGunOu gets blasted off the roof by the green ray from Balloon Gunner but managed to hold onto a rope with GouRyuGun few distances from him. Kenji calls for RyuGunOu, causing the latter to notice that Kenji got affected by Balloon Gunner's green ray resulting in the swelling of his body into a balloon. Kenji happens to float until he blocked the sight of Balloon Gunner. Kenji requested RyuGunOu to start attacking the Balloon Gunner but the latter is hesitant to do so. Kenji calling RyuGunOu 'old man' again accidentally causing the latter to flip himself back to the roof, getting GouRyuGun back to his hand. RyuGunOu prepares himself to fire Dragon Cannon while GekiRyuKen asking Kenji what is he going to do. Kenji replies that if he transforms into RyuKenDo, it will not have any issues but he failed to reach his belt as his swelling body is preventing him from doing so.

Kenji notices the item he is holding onto earlier which revealed to be pepper bottle. Kenji is frustrated at pepper bottle is unable to help him in this situation. RyuGunOu launches his Dragon Cannon attack at Balloon Gunner, causing Kenji to panic and dropping the bottle he is holding onto due to the force generated by the Dragon Cannon. The pepper bottle spills some pepper and causing Kenji to breathe in some accidentally, resulting in a sneeze and moves his body besides, revealing Balloon Gunner to the Dragon Cannon. Dragon Cannon fires directly into Balloon Gunner's eye and causing it to explodes, leaving the swelling civilians in the sky to return back to their normal size as the enemy's magic is cancelled. Kenji started to transform into RyuKenDo as he is falling to the ground and landed on the ground in one piece. Debris from Balloon Gunner started to drop nearby RyuKenDo, with GekiRyuKen commenting that if a larger piece of debris falls into the city, there will be casualties in Akebono City.

RyuKenDo activates his finishing move, Madan Slash on the large debris, destroyed all falling pieces of debris and collected a Madan Key as a result. GouRyuGun commented that no casualties are observed as time reached 12 noon and RyuGunOu commented mission completed. Back in S.H.O.T's base, Setoyama commented that a sneeze's instantaneous speed is 320 kilometres per second and with such force, it can move a balloon's body and compliments Kenji for the excellent plan. Rin replied that Kenji just got lucky. Setoyama informs that this is not a laughing matter as if Kenji screwed up, he would have died. Amachi interrupted that it was fine as no one was hurt and Kenji have safely ended the case. Kenji compliments Fudou that his Dragon Cannon is really cool and called Fudou 'old man' again. Fudou flares up at Kenji calling him 'old man' again with the latter suggested thinking of a new name. Fudou rejected all suggestions from Kenji with Amachi interrupted suggesting a name that is respectful and full of intimacy which is Fuu-sama, causing everyone to agree with the name, leaving Fudou to slouch in his seat.


Arsenal UsedEdit

  • Madan Keys Used
    • RyuGun Key
    • Cannon Key/Final Key
    • RyuKen Key
    • Leon Key
    • Final Key


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