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Sealed Wings! Thunder Eagle! ( 封印されし翼!サンダーイーグル! Fūinsareshi Tsubasa! Sandā Īguru!?) is the eighteenth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Mr. Mikurya of SHOT's Development section arrives in Akebono. Meanwhile, Dr. Worm and Lady Gold plot to use Koichi's trauma over his parents to destroy him. Koichi is soon attacked by Familars, giving Lady Gold time to infect his heart with her magic. He experiences a flashback to his parents and sees himself as a boy with Amachi before Lady Gold has him attack Amachi in the present. Mikurya suspects that RyuJinOu is preparing to do what he did in England; destroy the Power Spot to stop the Jamanga. RyuGunOu and RyuJinOu fight with RyuKenDo protecting the Power Spot ashe knows that Power Spot cannot be destroyed as this one is the last Power Spot and destroying it, before killing Daimaou GrenGhost, may trap the Madan Warriors into an Interdimentional Portal for lifetime. RyuGunOu is defeated by RyuJinOu who rushes to Power Spot. RyuKenDo engages himself into a great fight with RyuJinOu who overpowers. GekiRyuKen tells Kenji to use Thunder Key who uses the same to change into Thunder RyuKenDo. But still Kenji faces difficulty to stop RyuJinOu. Thunder RyuKenDo uses the Madan Dagger (as told by GekiRyuKen) to fight RyuJinOu when he arrives at the Power Spot, but is defeated. Kenji does not willing to give up and uses Twin-Edge GekiRyuKen final attack to defeat RyuJinOu who dodges the attack much to Kenji's surprise. Amachi knows why RyuJinOu is doing this and arrives at Power Spot. Hr tries to make him stop but fails. RyuJinOu tells he is the main culprit who had killed his parents when he was child. RyuJinOu gets nearer to Power Spot when suddenly, Madan Dagger reacts peculiarly showing a strange symbol to Kenji. Setoyama deciphers it and says to Kenji that Madan Dagger has found JuuOh Thunder Eagle. GekiRyuKen orders Kenji to summon Thunder Eagle now as RyuJinOu is ready to destroy the Power Spot. The Madan Dagger allows Thunder RyuKenDo to summon the JuuOu ThunderEagle who comes out from Jamanga Power Spot, in front of RyuJinOu. ThunderEagle combines with Thunder RyuKenDo to form ThunderWing RyuKenDo. Kenji attacks enfurated Koichi who summons his JuuOh too, activates Delta Wing RyuJinOu and fights RyuKenDo. After a short air duel, a mysterious portal appears which takes both warriors back to 10 years to witness Koichi's parents die in a SHOT accident. After witnessing everything they are transported back to present day where Koichi does not want to fight anymore causing Lady Gold's Magic to disappear from his heart. Kenji later receives the ThunderEagle Key.


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