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Ring On, Bell of Friendship (響け、友情の鐘 Hibike, Yūjō no Kane?) is the ninth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


A mysterious giant statue suddenly appeared on the outskirts of Akebono City. S.H.O.T. strengthens vigilance against the disturbing scheme of Jamanga. Meanwhile, Kenji ends up fighting with his partner, GekiRyuKen. Then, a mysterious sound wave was emitted in Akebono City, making people wanted to cover their ear. People begin to suffer. At the same time, GekiRyuKen breaks. To stop the mysterious sound waves, Kenji, who can not transform, endured pain and jumped out to the town!!


RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu are perplexed by a giant female statue that has appeared in Akebono City. In S.H.O.T.'s Base, Rin also did not detect any movement from the giant female statue. Setoyama requested the Madan Warriors to bring back a sample of the statue to develop a counter plan. RyuKenDo uses Fire Kong to collect a sample of the statue, but get scolded by GekiRyuKen that he needs to be in Fire Mode first, before summoning Fire Kong. RyuGunOu worried at RyuKenDo combi with GekiRyuKen, with GouRyuGun commented their compatibility for today is thirty per cent. After being reminded by GekiRyuKen, RyuKenDo changes into Fire Mode and summons Fire Kong. He orders Fire Kong to punch or smash the giant female statue but did not manage to dent the statue. The punch at the giant female statue causes it to reveal its eye. RyuGunOu decided to fall back and observe the statue for now.

Later, Kenji is seen patrolling Akebono City in his police attire. He is looking at Akebono Sightseeing Map and gets curious at Akebono Temple which is rumoured to ward of misfortune. He meets Kaori which the latter explains Akebono's Hanging Bell is famous for its miraculous power whereby if you make a wish, it'll come true. In S.H.O.T.'s Base, Setoyama detected a change in the giant female statue. Soon, a nose appears on the giant female statue. Kenji decided to fight the giant female statue using his power. GekiRyuKen tries to stop him but failed. Kenji becomes curious about GekiRyuKen's history but GekiRyuKen refused to talk. Kenji forced GekiRyuKen to cooperate with him to take down the giant female statue, if GekiRyuKen refuse, he can walk away by himself. This causes GekiRyuKen to flare with anger, by burning Kenji's hand. This causes Kenji to throw GekiRyuKen far away after being burned.

Tremors are happening suddenly and a strange symbol appears on the giant female statue's forehead followed by a mouth. The giant female statue started to emit a sound wave, causing pain to civilians in Akebono City, releasing minus energy as a result. In Jamanga's Base, Doctor Worm is pleased with giant female statue's work. GekiRyuKen is screaming pain in his head, calling upon Kenji to save him. Kenji reaches towards the location of GekiRyuKen but did not get a response from him. Suddenly, sound emit by Akebono Bell is heard, relieve everyone from the pain caused by the giant female statue. Kenji decided to heads back S.H.O.T.'s Base to save GekiRyuKen.

In S.H.O.T.'s Base, Amachi shared with Kenji about GekiRyuKen's history. GekiRyuKen was excavated some years ago in some ruins in Europe, S.H.O.T. only repaired GekiRyuKen using modern technology and the power of the Cannon of Light. When GekiRyuKen is awoken, he lost most of his memories. Setoyama detected some strange things about the statue whereby the monster's sound wave effectiveness was weakened for a short while. They decided to investigate on this part. Kenji is seen dreaming but was shown with GekiRyuKen's memories. Kenji asked Komachi what is GekiRyuKen. Komachi guesses that probably GekiRyuKen has a heart. Rin and Setoyama managed to found the truth behind the weakening of the monster's sound wave. It is found that the sound emitted by Akebono Bell will neutralize the statue's sound waves if its rung at the right time. Komachi added that a wise monk told her that Akebono Bell will ward off evil.

Kenji decided to head towards Akebono Temple to ring Akebono Bell. After Akebono Bell is rung, the statue's sound waves are weakened. Amachi orders Fudou to head towards the giant female statue. After Kenji's ring Akebono Bell few times, this causes the giant female statue to close its mouth, stopping the release of sound waves. RyuGunOu fire Dragon Cannon at the giant female statue after GouRyuGun detected strong magic in the enemy's brow. The attack was blocked by the movement of the giant female statue's hand. The giant female statue twisted its head 360°, resulting in more crack marks appearing on the face of the giant female statue. Tsukaima started arriving at Akebono Temple to stop Kenji from ringing Akebono Bell. Tsukaima is proven to be stronger than Kenji when he is not transformed into RyuKenDo. Suddenly, a light appears from the sky shine upon the area Kenji is located and destroyed all Tsukaima that is nearby. The light source is revealed to be GekiRyuKen.

Kenji started to transform into RyuKenDo and finishes off all nearby Tsukaima. The giant female statue is seen emitting sound waves as a form of attack at RyuGunOu. RyuGunOu seems helpless as there is nothing he can do to fight the giant female statue. Suddenly, Fire Kong is seen throwing a bronze statue towards the giant female statue but get destroyed by the giant female statue's sound wave. Fire RyuKenDo launching his finishing move, Blazing Slash at the base of the giant female statue but failed to damage it. Fire RyuKenDo asked RyuGunOu for the weak spot of the giant female statue and the latter replied the mark of her forehead. GekiRyuKen suggested using Fire Kong's throwing power to throw Fire RyuKenDo up into the sky to attack the mark of the giant female statue's forehead.

Fire RyuKenDo decided to follow GekiRyuKen's suggestion, allowing Fire Kong to throw him up into the sky. GouRyuGun commented their compatibility now is one hundred and twenty per cent. The giant female statue tries to punch Fire RyuKenDo but failed. Fire RyuKenDo run towards the head of the giant female statue via the straightening of the giant female statue's hand from the attack earlier. Fire RyuKenDo then uses Blazing Slash to destroy the mark on the giant female statue's forehead and slash the giant female statue into halves, destroying it as a result and gaining a Madan Key. After the ordeal, Kenji tries to talk to GekiRyuKen but GekiRyuKen interrupted that both Kenji and he have the same thoughts.


Arsenal Used


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Today's S.H.O.T. Information

Featuring Fire RyuKenDo's Technique: High Jump

  • When a normal jump won't reach, use this combination with Fire Kong. Kong's power can throw Fire RyuKenDo high into the sky. No matter how high the enemy, he can attack them.


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