Normal Tsukaima

Normal Tsukaima (通常の使い魔, Tsūjō no Tsukaima?) is Jamanga's Combatmen.

Character History

The lowest demon combatant in Jamanga. He is about four times as powerful as a normal person. He is purple-bodied with yellow-striped, monocular with eerie face, a pair of bat-like ear protrusions on his head. He appears when there's trouble to be caused, resulting in many comical aspects. Their numbers are unlimited as they are created by the magic of Doctor Worm.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Leap
  • Daggermanship
  • Dagger Throwing


  • Dagger


  • Specifications: Normal Tsukaima
    • Height: 170cm
    • Weight: 65kg

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