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Martial Arts Conference in Town ( ご町内武道大会 Gochōnai Budōtaikai?) is the 22nd episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Dr. Worm resurrects Rock Crimson using pieces of his shattered body collected by Lady Gold's Tsukaima, despite the efforts of the three Madan Warriors. After the fight, Koichi, Fudou and Kenji almost come to blows until Umi shows up. She has the trio enter the Akebono Martial Arts Tournament. SHOT learns that the competition is to choose the new leader of a vigilante group set up to fight the Jamanga. Kaori enters the competition as well. Lady Gold has Rock Crimson attack the venue. After several rounds, Kenji and Koichi fight as the Tsukaima arrive, but Rock Crimson goes missing. Umi faces the Tsukaima, spurring the other people to help. The Madan Warriors transform in toilet cubicles and eventually join the fight as it finishes. They find Rock Crimson and fight him instead, but each time he is destroyed, he revives. Fire RyuKenDo destroys Rock Crimson's power source, allowing him to be destroyed for good. Kaori wins the competition as the Warriors are almost run out of town for not fighting with the people.


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