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The Madan Warriors: Ryuguno, Ryukendo, and Ryujino.

Madan Warriors (魔弾戦士 Madan Senshi?) is the team that members includes: Kenji Narukami, Juushirou Fudou, and Koichi Shiranami.


Each Madan Warrior has a set of keys to either execute an attack, or summon a JuuOh, an animal spirit of the Earth. When Kenji and Fudou power up to God Ryukendo and Magna Ryuguno, their JuuOh become ChouJuuOh, stronger versions of their previous forms.


(God) Ryukendo Kenji Narukami
(Magna) Ryuguno Juushirou Fudou
Ryujino Koichi Shiranami
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