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Golden Queen Lady Gold is a female warrior whose plans usually involve magic that effect the hearts of her victims as seen when she once made the entire town distrust SHOT, and invaded people's dreams with a special orb. She also has a
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Lady Gold's Logo

habit of sitting on Dr. Worm's pedestal. Lady Gold usually lets her trio of personal Familiars fight in her stead. She later gains a Catwoman-like battle suit from Dr Worm when she attempt to steal back the MaDan Keys. When revealed to have Fudou's Ultimate Key in her body, Ryukendo removes it from her before Ryuguno finally destroyed Lady Gold by blasting the source of her life, her earring, to bits.

Character History

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Power/Abilities & Weapons

  • Orb: Lady Gold has a red magical orb.She can use this orb to cast her nightmare spell.She also can use this orb to change her golden suit into a battle cat woman suit.
  • Golden Sword: Lady Gold possess a gold sword.She use this as her weapon.
  • Acceleration/blind speed: Lady Gold can move at super speed.She also can create an illusion of herself,while moving in Acceleration speed.
  • Rose:Lady Gold sometimes possessed a red wine colored rose. When she attacked an opponent, this rose became a flower petals and attacked her opponent. It is very powerful attack her opponent and could cause a powerful explosion.
  • Human Disguise:sometime Lady Gold could disguise herself as woman by using her red magical orb.


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