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Jack Moon (ジャークムーン Jakku Mūn?) is Jamanga's General.

Character History

Jack Moon is Jamanga’s Swordsman. He was originally one of the monsters created by Doctor Worm. He is also a rival of RyuKenDo. Jack Moon’s favorite sword is the Lunar Eclipse Sword and manipulates the sword technique called Dark Moonlight Swordsmanship. His unique skills include Crescent Moon Slash, Half Moon Slash and New Moon Slash. He values swordsman’s aesthetics and hates cowardly means but he never shows mercy during battle. With each battle, he builds a bond with RyuKenDo that transcends the relationship between his enemies and allies and finds something that can communicate with each other as a swordsman. However, Jack Moon's demonic side has pleasure in attacking the weak. Though RyuKenDo originally saw him as his rival, he came to see that Jack Moon has no swordsman’s aesthetics when Jack Moon succumbed to his demonic nature and decided to attack Akebono City from his flying castle while RyuKenDo was unable to fight. After his flying castle was destroyed by Thunder RyuKenDo in Episode 12, Jack Moon was not seen until in Episode 21.

Though he swore loyalty to Daimaou GrenGhost, Jack Moon once confessed to Doctor Worm that if Daimaou GrenGhost no longer possessed the power he had before, he will defeat him. This also led to Doctor Worm and Lady Gold branding him as a traitor and being kidnapped and being used as a sacrifice for Daimaou GrenGhost. Later, he escaped with the help of Bloody who was disguised as a hat, but his body began to become corrupted due to the entanglement of the heart of the righteous swordsman and the heart of the evil monster. Jack Moon later challenges RyuKenDo in a duel to restore his pride as a swordsman during the solar eclipse and gets defeated but he won respect and knew the identity of RyuKenDo to be Kenji.

After his death, Bloody secretly recovered his remains and a part of his favourite sword and transformed with magic machinery, resurrected him under a cyborg version of Jack Moon, installed with golden adornments on his body with a new name called Mechani Moon (メカニムーン Mekanimūn?). Mechani Moon who was modified does not have any memories of his past and was purely a battle puppet that is being controlled by Bloody and his strength was more powerful than in the past. Mechani Moon has been attacked by Fudou and Shiranami’s trinity attack but proven to be ineffective against him. After the defeat of Daimaou GrenGhost, he unexpectedly reappeared as the remnant of Jamanga. At the same time, he had another duel with RyuKenDo as he wished under the black moonlit night of Christmas. He was defeated by the Narukami Ryuujinryu technique. In addition to winning or losing, he also established a friendship with Kenji that surpassed the enemy and allies. He also understood each other’s swordsmanship and thank Kenji for bringing him his destiny and dies eventually.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability
  • Lunar Empowerment
    • Lunar Energy Absorption
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship
    • Dark Moonlight Swordsmanship
      • Crescent Moon Slash
      • Half Moon Slash
      • New Moon Slash
  • Portal Creation
  • Attack Reversal


  • Lunar Eclipse Sword
    • Jack Moon possess a Golden Sword and uses this as his primary weapon.
  • Jack Moon's flying Castle
    • Jack Moon possess a flying castle.


  • Specifications: Jack Moon
    • Height: 2m
    • Weight: 105kg
  • Specifications: Mechani Moon
    • Height: 2m
    • Weight: 350kg