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Ichiko Nakazaki and Ritsuko Takakura is a couple of funny ladies, some incompetent who try to keep the peace of the town of Akebono. They are usually the victims of Jamanga plans. On one occasion Ichiko was about to become the bride of RockCrimson, and one day found a piece of this. Thinking that it would be a precious stone was a ring. Unconsciously he speaks to her new ring of what happens and a conversation he had with Rin that he thought the ring was some boyfriend, Crimson Rock apparently misinterpreted things.

That's when Rock Crimson (that being "destroyed" the last time he had lost his memory) is responsible for defending it from all things that will harm or giving their due to the person making it angry.

Ichiko unable to find a bright side in Rock Crimson, but due tointervension and Fudou and Kenji (who thought Ichiko was

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