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I Summon You! Gorilla JuuOh (召喚!ゴリラ獣王! Shōkan! Gorira Jūō!?) is the seventh episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo. It features the debut of Fire Kong.


Giant iron weights crush buildings and cars. Akebono Police Station is in a state of trouble with the work of Jamanga. RyuKenDo struggles with the attack of the demon beast, Meganōma which can make iron weights fall from the sky. Not even a Blazing Slash can defeat it. So RyuKenDo summons a new beast king! The name is Gorilla Beast King, Fire Kong. However, Fire Kong, who has a lot of pride on the other hand, was hurt by RyuKenDo's words and ran away without listening to orders!!


Kenji is seen visiting Akebono Shrine with the shop owner. He asked the shop owner if gorillas are living nearby the shrine and got a confirmation it is due to the quiet natural setting. On the way leaving the shrine, both of them meet Hachigorou who is the neighbour of the shop owner, reparation work on the wall of the shrine very early. The shop owner also asked Hachigorou about his son, Tamekichi, his current status if he is still involved in the heavy metal band. Hachigorou replied that he is still involved, he dressed like a monster and play the guitar like a brat. The shop owner hurries Kenji to go work or he will be later after getting annoyed by his questions.

Back at Akebono Police Station, Rin commented Kenji that despite he is late for work, he is wasting time here playing chess. Yukimura together with Tsukioka and Hanada started their morning visits in Akebono Police Station and commented that the peace of the city is the result of their hard work. Suddenly, Ritsuko and Ichiko rushed in and informed Yukimura that they received a call that there is a lot of traffic obstruction in the residential area. Yukimura decided that he will go personally to the scene to settle the issue. Upon reaching the residential area with traffic obstruction, he commented that this is beyond their jurisdiction due to large screws all over the place with some crushed vehicles and houses, releasing some minus energy as a result due to the fear. Fudou called Setoyama on the status of the scene with the latter replied that he detected demons quite a while ago.

At Jamanga's Base, Doctor Worm is pleased with the results of the Minus Energy collection. He started casting spells using the Madan Key, Demon Beast Meganōma is created. Yukimura decided to back off but Hanada replied that they can't as Civilians is there watching. Yukimura then scolded back asking who is the one that called them here with both Hanada and Tsukioka pointed at him. Suddenly, Yukimura got shocked with the appearance of someone having spikes on his shoulders. Hachigorou runs towards the suspicious character and hit him, it is revealed that the suspicious character is his son, Tamekichi. At Akebono Police Station, the whole area is cordoned off, with Yukimura, Tsukioka and Hanada inside. Hanada is lecturing on Kenji's behaviour. He mentioned that for guys that don't listen, will need to get whipped into shape. Hanada also added that if you won't scatter bait, fishes won't come. Hachigorou and Tamekichi are on their way home, with Hachigorou are asking Tamekichi to come to take over his job but get rejected. Tamekichi doesn't want his father job and his name, preferring to call himself Tammy instead. Hachigorou commented that Tamekichi used to like his job when he is young.

Somewhere on the grassland, Meganōma appears with an army of Tsukaima. Meganōma started calling for large screws to fall from the sky onto Akebono City. Fudou and Kenji located the whereabouts of Meganōma and started to transform into RyuGunOu and RyuKenDo respectively. They started attacking the Jamanga army with Meganōma started fleeing the location. RyuGunOu's attack did not land a scratch on Meganōma due to its hardcover on its body. RyuKenDo tried to cut its body but also failed due to its Enhanced Durability. RyuKenDo decided to change into Fire RyuKenDo to melt Meganōma with heat. Fire RyuKenDo uses Final Key to use activate finishing move called Blazing Slash but did not do any damage to Meganōma. Meganōma started calling for large screws again to fall from the sky to attack the Madan Warriors. GekiRyuKen asked Fire RyuKenDo to use the new Madan Key to fight against Meganōma as power for power, its the only way to smash its body. The new JuuOh is revealed to be a gorilla type. Fire RyuKenDo tried to order Fire Kong to attack the Demon Beast but the latter refused to do so. GekiRyuKen explained that Fire Kong is a very proud character and Fire RyuKenDo's description on him as gorilla hurt him.

Somewhere near Akebono Shrine, Meganōma and army of Tsukaima are seen fleeing from Madan Warriors. A police officer, Kobashiri, is seen trying to get Hachigorou to evacuate from Demons but the latter refused as he just started his work. Fire RyuKenDo recalled what Tsukioka said before that if someone doesn't listen, smack him. Fire RyuKenDo launch a punch on Fire Kong but it is too hard. Fire Kong get angry and knock Fire RyuKenDo away and left the place. Fire RyuKenDo chased after Fire Kong and noticed that Fire Kong is looking at bananas left unattended at the street. Fire RyuKenDo recalled what Hanada said before that if you won't scatter bait, fishes won't come. He tried to lure Fire Kong with some bananas. Fire Kong unable to grab the bananas due to its large size and Fire RyuKenDo laughs at its action. This causes Fire Kong to get mad and run away with Fire RyuKenDo chasing behind.

RyuGunOu is seen continuing his fight against Meganōma with Ichiko and Ritsuko far away from him attacking the Tsukaima with their martial arts. Kobashiri interrupted the fight between Meganōma and RyuGunOu to meet up with Ichiko and Ritsuko. Kobashiri commented that one of the civilians refused to move, causing Tamekichi to go find his father. Kobashiri tried to stop him with Meganōma summon a large screw from the sky suddenly. RyuGunOu notices and push Kobashiri to safety and gets hit by the large screw instead. Tamekichi reaches Akebono Shrine and asked his father what is he doing here when demons are nearby, he should get evacuated too. Hachigorou refused as he won't do his job halfway. Fire Kong also reaches Akebono Shrine with Fire RyuKenDo behind. He witnesses the scene between Hachigorou and Tamekichi.

Seeing Hachigorou's commitment to his work as his life, Tamekichi decided to help him to finish the reparation work. Fire RyuKenDo is touched by the scene. Suddenly, he hears a scream and realised he has forgotten to look for Fire Kong. Arriving at another location of Akebono Shrine, he found Meganōma with the latter started sending flying large screws to attack Fire RyuKenDo. He got hit once by the large screw and tries to rush towards Meganōma again. Fire RyuKenDo didn't realise that Fire Kong is looking at him. Upon reaching the top of Akebono Shrine, Fire RyuKenDo got hit by the large screw. Fire RyuKenDo withstand the weight of the large screw and manage to get free.

Fire RyuKenDo started to walk towards Meganōma and causes Meganōma to summon a large screw to attack him from behind. In the nick of time, Fire Kong appears and hit the large screw away. Meganōma summons more large screw to attack but gets deflected away by Fire Kong. GekiRyuKen asked Fire RyuKenDo to combine with Fire Kong to activate Cannon Mode. Fire RyuKenDo launches Fire Cannon at Meganōma, destroying Meganōma as a result and obtaining the Madan Key as a result. Back at S.H.O.T.'s Base, Kenji tosses Rin an equipment from the battle which is bananas. He started eating one of the banana. Rin commented that Kenji is just like a gorilla, need a lot of effort to tame him. Fudou rejected Rin's comments and said that Kenji didn't tame Fire Kong but make him trust him instead. Kenji commented to himself that the banana he is eating taste good.

At the end of the scene, civilians notice the banana store at the street is left unattended and went to grab some. They notice that someone by the name of Ken left some changes behind as a form of payment for the bananas. Furthermore, the Shop Owner is jealous of Hachigorou's bond with his son. Tamekichi commented that just in case his music doesn't work out, he will still have some skills to earn a living. The Shop Owner asked Kenji to take a good look at the reparation work that is revealed to be Akebono Mural make by combination effort from Hachigorou and Tamekichi. All of them started praying after the completion of the mural.


  • Kenji Narukami (鳴神 剣二 Narukami Kenji?): Shogo Yamaguchi (山口 翔悟 Yamaguchi Shogo?)
  • GekiRyuKen (ゲキリュウケン Gekiryūken?, Voice): Kenji Nojima (野島 健児 Nojima Kenji?)
  • Juushirou Fudou (不動 銃四郎 Fudō Jūshirō?): Gen ( Gen?)
  • GouRyuGun (ゴウリュウガン Gōryūgan?, Voice): Yasunori Masutani (増谷 康紀 Masutani Yasunori?)
  • Rin Sakyo (左京 鈴 Sakyō Rin?): Kumi Imura (井村 空美 Imura Kumi?)
  • Yuuya Amachi (天地 裕也 Amachi Yūya?): Kei Shimizu (清水 圭 Shimizu Kei?)
  • Kiichi Setoyama (瀬戸山 喜一 Setoyama Kiichi?): Kentarou Miyagi (宮城 健太郎 Miyagi Kentaro?)
  • Doctor Worm (Dr.ウォーム Dokutā Wōmu?): Takao Handa (飯田 孝男 Handa Takao?)
  • Komachi Kurihara (栗原 小町 Kurihara Komachi?): Fumie Hosokawa (細川 ふみえ Hosokawa Fumie?)
  • Yukimura Yuzaburo (雪村 雄三郎 Yuzaburo Yukimura?): Goro Konosu (鹫巣 吾朗 Konosu Goro?)
  • Tsukioka Ryushichi (月冈 留七 Ryushichi Tsukioka?): Kaido Yamazaki (山崎 海童 Yamazaki Kaido?)
  • Hanada Kenichi (花田 健一 Kenichi Hanada?): Junichi Nishimura (西村 阳一 Nishimura Junichi?)
  • Ritsuko Takakura (高倉 律子 Takakura Ritsuko?): Hitomi Nakahodo (仲程 仁美 Nakahodo Hitomi?)
  • Ichiko Nakazaki (中崎 市子 Nakazaki Ichiko?): Eri Otoguro (乙黒 えり Otoguro Eri?)
  • Kobashiri Tokuji (驹走 徳治 Tokuji Kobashiri?): Shigehiro Takeda (武田 滋裕 Takeda Shigehiro?)
  • Hachigoro Shikayama (鹿山 八五郎 Shikayama Hachigoro?): Shun Ueda (うえだ 峻 Ueda Shun?)
  • Tamekichi Shikayama (鹿山 为吉 Shikayama Tamekichi?): Tetsuya Deguchi (出口 哲也 Deguchi Tetsuya?)

Arsenal Used

  • Transformation Devices/Individual Weapons:
  • Madan Keys Used:
    • RyuGun Key
    • RyuKen Key
    • Fire Key
    • Fire Final Key
    • Kong Key
  • JuuOh Used:
    • Fire Kong


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Today's S.H.O.T. Information

Featuring Fire RyuKenDo's JuuOh: Fire Kong

  • It's Fire RyuKenDo's reliable partner. He has an intense punch. When he transforms into Fire Cannon and combines with Fire RyuKenDo, the Trinity Cannon is fired.