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Great Decisive Aerial Battle! ( 空中大決戦! Kūchū Daikessen!?) is the 24th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


As Setoyama works on GouRyuGun's Ryu Core, Amachi remembers when the Cores were first experimented on by SHOT. While the Core is taken to a special facility in an attempt to restore GouRyuGun, Fudou and Kenji consider the future without it. Bloody's UFO returns and quickly attacks RyuKenDo before creating multiple Angelas who attack the townspeople's homes. An injured Kenji goes back out to find Koichi as he is the only other person who can help. As Bloody searches for GouRyuGun's Madan Ryu Core, Fudou attacks him, but one of the Angelas transforms into Asteroid. RyuKenDo comes to help him, but Koichi decides to fight Bloody directly when he learns the truth about his parent's deaths. Asteroid is destroyed by RyuKenDo. Bloody makes it to Setoyama and the Ryu Core. As he tries to get away, ShadowWing RyuJinOu and ThunderEagle RyuKenDo attack his UFO< eventually recovering the Ryu Core.


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