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This article is about a/an transformation device in Madan Senki Ryukendo.

GouRyuGun is one of the three Madan Ryu, and also Juushirou Fudou's partner that doubles as transformation device and primary weapon.

Power History

Gouryugun is initially the previous Ryugunou that battles Daimaou Grenghost along with the previous Ryukendo and Ryujinou. However because at that time, the previous Ryukendo was the only Madan Warrior that can utilize Ultimate form, he was not strong enough to slain the Daimaou. Thus, the three Madan Warriors combined with the dragons of light to seal Daimaou into Egg form. Their souls later become the new Madan Cores that creates the Madan Ryu to help the next Generation of Madan Warriors.

Gouryugun initially was kept safe from public eye, until he finally chooses two candidates to become the next Ryugunou. One of the candidate was an unnamed little girl who is having more synchronization rate than Fudou. However, the girl small stature is not strong enough to wield Gouryugun unsealed form, thus Fudou willingly replaces the little girl despite having lower synchronization rate. Gouryugun later accepts Fudou as the new Ryugunou as they acquired 100% Synchronization rate after the latter found the words to signify their arrival, which is Raijin.

Although Gouryugun is destroyed during Ryugunou confrontation with Asteroid, it's Madan core remained intact. This allows Mikuriya and Setoyama to repair it despite Bloody interference. Fudou later using the repaired Gouryugun, and the newly created Madan Magnum to evolve into Magna Ryugunou during the attack of Demon Beast Bacchal.

Gouryugun, along with Gekiryuken and Zanryujin finally sealed for good after Daimaou Grenghost demise, in order to save Akebono city from exploding because of a Power Spot.