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Freezing Armament! Aqua Ryukendo
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 4
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Freezing Armament! Aqua Ryukendo (氷結武装!アクアリュウケンドー! Hyōketsu Busō! Akua Ryūkendō!?) is the 4th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


RyuKenDo is seen fighting Fire Tsukaima in the woods. On the other hand, at S.H.O.T's Base, Setoyama has deciphered the Madan Key from the last battle. It is the Aqua Key with the power of water. Meanwhile, Fudou meets Doctor Worm in the woods who explains Jamanga's plan to collect Minus Energy from the people. Doctor Worm calls Fire Tsukaima, the Tsukaima again with the Fire powers he absorbed from Fire RyuKenDo earlier. Fudou transforms himself as RyuGunOu with the help of GouRyuGun and fights with the Tsukaima. Kenji is sent to help him, but unfortunately, during the fight, the city is set alight by falling fireballs. At last, Fire RyuKenDo is sent the Aqua Key and becomes Aqua RyuKenDo for the first time. He defeats the Fire Tsukaima once and for all.


RyuKenDo is seen fighting Fire Tsukaima but facing issues. GekiRyuKen advises RyuKenDo to use Fire Key to counter the heat effect of Fire Tsukaima. Fire RyuKenDo tries to use his finishing move, Blazing Slash to attack Fire Tsukaima, but some Tsukaima appears to protect Fire Tsukaima but is stopped. Fire Tsukaima is no match for Fire RyuKenDo and get defeated, with Fire RyuKenDo tried to obtain the Madan Key but is stopped by the few Tsukaima earlier. Back at Jamanga’s Base, it is revealed that Fire Tsukaima’s defeat is part of Doctor’s Worm plan to obtain fire power from Fire RyuKenDo.

Rin has a conversation at S.H.O.T’s Base with Kenji regarding demons getting stronger, but Kenji feels that if demons get stronger, all they have to do is to get stronger too. Meanwhile, Setoyama decrypted the Madan Key recovered from Doctor Worm’s tank which revealed to be Aqua Key, granting the power of water. Kenji felt that Fire Key is enough and wants Fudou to take Aqua Key, but the latter rejected, resulting Kenji to accept the Aqua Key. Kenji is curious about the abilities of Aqua Key, with Setoyama suggesting putting out a burning building but will steal firefighter’s job. Setoyama tries to suggest another possibility; this time will be freezing a time bomb with hostages held captive but might end up freezing the hostages together due to powerful freezing abilities. Rin interrupted the conversation, commenting that Jamanga didn’t set the city on fire or set time bombs with Kenji commenting that they might soon. Amachi suggested using Aqua Key for filling a hot bath, with Komachi added bath must be entered when hot, causing Kenji to ask around why is Komachi at S.H.O.T’s Base, making her disappear immediately.

Fudou transforms into RyuGunOu and meets Doctor Worm in the woods at Akebono Temple. Doctor Worm commented that the Madan Warriors involved with the Kanon without knowing anything and questioning them him for getting in Jamanga’s way. Doctor Worm explained that they only wanted Minus Energy (Sadness, Pain and Fear) obtained from humans. Due to failure in negotiation with RyuGunOu, Doctor Worm summoned an evolved form of Fire Tsukaima to fight him. Fire Tsukaima launches an attack at RyuGunOu, causing his left shoulder pad to get burned. Kenji received a phone call from Rin asking him to aid RyuGunOu fighting Fire Tsukaima at Akebono Temple. After asking for directions to Akebono Temple from a shop owner selling croquette, Kenji reaches the location but is shocked by the long staircases leading to the woods. Kenji transforms into RyuKenDo.

RyuGunOu got his right shoulder pad burned by Fire Tsukaima and saved by RyuKenDo when Fire Tsukaima tries to launch an attack. RyuKenDo felt that Fire Tsukaima looks familiar and guess that it is the guy he eliminated in the morning. RyuGunOu warned RyuKenDo on Fire Tsukaima obtaining the power of fire from Fire RyuKenDo. RyuKenDo changes into Fire RyuKenDo as normal mode cannot fight against Fire Tsukaima for long. After transforming, Fire RyuKenDo lost sight of Fire Tsukaima, which revealed that Fire Tsukaima is hiding in the ground to land a sneak attack but is blocked immediately by Fire RyuKenDo. Fire RyuKenDo resumes his fight with Fire Tsukaima, with the city set alight by falling fireballs as sky turn dark.

Amachi asking Setoyama the status of Aqua Key as Akebono City is on fire but got a reply that it is not ready yet. Fire Tsukaima manages to block a double attack launched by RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu together as the fight continues. Amachi orders Setoyama to send the Aqua Key to RyuKenDo after download completed on the key. At last, Fire RyuKenDo receives the Aqua Key and changes into Aqua RyuKenDo. Aqua RyuKenDo cools down Fire Tsukaima’s sword with its freezing ability and uses his finishing move, Freezing Slash to defeat Fire Tsukaima, obtaining a Madan Key as a result. Meanwhile, Akebono city started snowing, putting out the fires on the way.


Arsenal UsedEdit

  • Madan Keys Used
    • RyuGun Key
    • Wolf Key
    • RyuKen Key
    • Fire Key
    • Aqua Key
    • Fire Final Key
    • Aqua Final Key


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