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Template:EpisodeInfo Forbidden Activation! Thunder Ryukendo! (禁断の発動!サンダーリュウケンドー! Kindan no Hatsudō! Sandā Ryūkendō!?) is the twelfth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo. It features the debut of the Thunder RyuKenDo.


The use of unadjusted Thunder Key caused GekiRyuKen to be in a state of shock, and Kenji fell into an inability to transform. In such a case, a tremendous magic wave runs in the town of Akebono City. Suddenly, a huge Jack Moon's Castle that appeared in the sky started the attack. The explosion occurred in various places by the ray which was shot indiscriminately! Hiding in shelters, among the feared people, the old town president called for a decision. The people of the town who stood up got on the fighter plane and headed for Jack Moon's Castle.


An injured Kenji finds he cannot transform due to GekiRyuKen being shocked by the unmodified Thunder Key. Fudou and Rin search for Kenji everywhere and at last find in the forest. Jack Moon takes his giant fortress to the sky. He threatens everyone in the city by ordering them to give themselves up in front of him. While everyone takes refuge, Jack Moon opens fire. SHOT comes up with a plan to stop it, but only RyuGunOu is available to make it happen. Fudou and GouRyuGun proceed in their mission. They fight the enemy with all their might but always fail to harm both the fortress and Jack Moon. Meanwhile, a group of retired pilots attack the fortress in their fighters but they are destroyed, still harming a little to the fortress. The Dragon Cannon and RyuGunOu's Special JuuOh Attack also do a little good.

Jack Moon, being irritated and furious destroys most parts of Akebono City and defeats RyuGunOu who is not willing to give up. Kanji sees Fudou's defeat and cannot wait anymore. Kenji realizes his mistakes and promises an unconscious GekiRyuKen that he will always listen to his advice. Kenji orders GekiRyuKen to wake up as the city is in great danger. After trying a lot, at last, GekiRyuKen wakes up and asks Kenji to transform quickly. Kenji says sorry and asks his forgiveness. GekiRyuKen says in friendship there is no sorry and no thank you. Kenji transforms into RyuKenDo and joins RyuGunOu in battle. By summoning Brave Lion JuuOh he fights Jack Moon at first and then transforms into Fire RyuKenDo and calls Gorilla JuuOh to increase his strength. But Jack Moon is strong enough and outmatches Kenji. Setoyama sends RyuKenDo the modified Thunder Key, which he uses to become Thunder RyuKenDo for the first time. This time it works well. Jack Moon is surprised to see this. Kenji uses full Thunder Power to weaken him who escapes and destroys Jack Moon's fortress once and for all.


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