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Forbidden Activation! Thunder Ryukendo! (禁断の発動!サンダーリュウケンドー! Kindan no Hatsudō! Sandā Ryūkendō!?) is the twelfth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo. It features the debut of the Thunder RyuKenDo.


The use of unadjusted Thunder Key caused GekiRyuKen to be in a state of shock, and Kenji fell into an inability to transform. In such a case, a tremendous magic wave runs in the town of Akebono City. Suddenly, a huge Jack Moon's Castle that appeared in the sky started the attack. The explosion occurred in various places by the ray which was shot indiscriminately! Hiding in shelters, among the feared people, the old town chairman called for a decision. The people of the town who stood up got on the fighter jet and headed for Jack Moon's Castle.


At Jamanga's Base, Doctor Worm congrats Jack Moon for defeating RyuKenDo despite his aesthetics as a swordsman via communication portal. During the conversation, Doctor Worms find out that Jack Moon is heading towards somewhere and is curious about his destination. Jack Moon decline to reveal his plan and comments that if RyuKenDo is that weak, then he have no interest in RyuGunOu.

Injured Kenji finds he cannot transform due to GekiRyuKen being shocked by the unfixed Thunder Key. He is in a big pinch as he cannot transform. He tries to talk to GekiRyuKen but failed to get a response. At S.H.O.T.'s Base, Rin failed to locate Kenji's whereabouts via phone. Amachi asked Setoyama why Kenji cannot transform. Setoyama replied that Thunder Key's energy is amazing, and Kenji used it before it as fixed, resulting in GekiRyuKen to be suffering from temporary shock. Suddenly, they detected a major demon signal from their radar. Amachi has a bad feeling about this and orders Rin to send an emergency call to the Akebono Police Headquarters for everyone in Akebono City to take refuge. Jack Moon's Castle started appearing in Akebono City. Ritsuko and Ichiko are seen evacuating the civilians to the shelter to take refuge. They are happy that they are given firearms to armed themselves this time.

At the shelter, Demon Croquet shop owner notices that even Police Officers also taking refuge. Yukimura replied that S.H.O.T. mentioned this case is different from others. Keiko is also seen looking for her son, Shigeru. She seeks assistance from the Police officers to look for her son, but they rejected her as it was dangerous outside. Old town chairman who is a monk is seen taking refuge as well and Keiko requests the monk to say something to the police officers. The monk request Yukimura to search Shigeru, Yukimura order Ushiyama to do the search and Ushiyama speak to Kobashiria via walkie talkie to ask him to search instead, leaving everyone surprised at their action.

Meanwhile, Kaori is seen carrying Kappa-Jizou down the staircase, taking refuge together with Tomio. Doctor Worm is also seen asking Jack Moon to return but get rejected. Jack Moon order his castle to start attacking by shooting lightning down Akebono City. Everywhere in Akebono City is experiencing shaking. Keiko rushed out of the shelter to look for Shigeru. Doctor Worm is angry at Jack Moon's action as Jack Moon may accidentally kill humans, which will result in them losing their source of Minus Energy. Jack Moon order the Tsukaima to move his castle to Akebono power spot. Kenji is seen sulking as he cannot face Jack Moon even if he can transform. At S.H.O.T.'s Base, Amachi is worried about the impact that Jack Moon's Castle may cause if that flying castle falls. Setoyama replied that they have set a barrier around power spot and will require RyuGunOu to lure Jack Moon to the power spot for a chance of defeating him.

At evacuation shelter, Keiko is seen taking refuge. It seems that Ushiyama managed to bring her back to the shelter. Old town chairman decided to take matters in his own hands and ask Demon Croquet to use "that" as it will be a disgrace for Akebono citizens to depend on RyuGunOu alone if RyuKenDo is gone. The thing that Old town chairman mentioning is revealed to be a fighter jet. The pilots are using fighter jet to fight against Jack Moon's Castle. Meanwhile, RyuGunOu commented that Jack Moon's Castle seems to be heading towards power spot on their own without being lured by him. Yukimura surprised at Akebono citizens using fighter jets to fight Jack Moon's Castle and decide to order all police officers to gather and they will also smash the castle together. Tsukaima is seen throwing their daggers to hit the fighter jets. Some of the fighter jets are destroyed by the daggers that Tsukaima is throwing, including the fighter jet that Old town chairman is piloting.

Kaori and Tomio are seen calling for RyuKendo to save them. Despite the interference from fighter jets, Jack Moon's Castle managed to reach Akebono power spot. Kenji is seen recalling the past and he cannot believe that a coward like Jack Moon is his rival. He knows he is arrogant and he doesn't need to become stronger, he wishes to transform again. As Kenji is coming to his senses, GekiRyuKen is awake. Meanwhile, RyuGunOu was happy that RyuKenDo joins him as he was fighting alone previously. Before RyuGunOu fire Dragon Cannon, RyuKenDo appears before him. RyuKenDo request RyuGunOu to fire Dragon Cannon at the opening that he created with his Madan Slash. RyuKenDo summon Brave Leon to send him closer to Jack Moon's Castle to activate his finishing move, Madan Slash. However, the combination attack from the Madan Warriors does not deal any damage to Jack Moon's Castle.

Jack Moon is surprised that RyuKenDo didn't die and comments that their shabby weapons cannot damage to his castle and asked about the whereabouts of the Thunder Key that he given to him earlier. He requested Setoyama to send him the Thunder Key. Amachi approves his request as Jack Moon's Castle can withstand damage from Dragon Cannon and Madan Slash. RyuKenDo finally received the Thunder Key send by Setoyama. Jack Moon is pleased and he announced that he will take RyuKenDo's life for standing in the way of his ambition. RyuKenDo uses the Thunder Key and transforms into Thunder RyuKenDo. Thunder RyuKenDo activates his finishing move, Thunder Slash to fight against Jack Moon's Crescent Moon Slash. The impact of the battle causes Jack Moon's Castle to crack and break into two parts. Setoyama started activating a barrier around power spot to prevent the debris from Jack Moon's Castle damaging Akebono City.

The civilians are happy that the ordeal is finally over and the fighter jets are returning to the airbase. Ritsuko and Ichiko are seen lying on grass and Ritsuko suddenly commented that she stepped on dog poo. Ichiko screams and ordered Ritsuko not to point that shoe with dog poo towards her. However, Ritsuko throws that shoe towards Ichiko, leaving her screaming. Meanwhile, Tomio commented that their surrounding is getting quiet. Tomio said that if he and Kaori remain trapped here, perhaps he and Kaori can ... a child. Before Tomio can mention "have", they are interrupted by the voice of Shigeru shouting for his mom. Tomio quickly changed to ask Kaori if she also hears the voice of a child. Shigeru finally encounters Kaori and ask her if she saw her mom. Kaori decided to help Shigeru to look for his mom and asked if they can go outside. Shigeru replied yes as RyuKenDo came. Kaori is happy to hear that news and started to move Kappa-Jizou up the staircase.

Fudou congrats Kenji on returning. Kenji replied that he saw everyone doing their best, and it was no time to sit thinking. Fudou is amazed that mysterious things sure happen, after all, this is Akebono City. Kenji was surprised at what Fudou said, as it sounds like what Komachi said previously.


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Today's S.H.O.T. Information

Featuring RyuKenDo's Thunder mode: Thunder RyuKenDo

  • Releasing the power of the Thunder Key, it's RyuKenDo's strongest mode. The finishing move is GekiRyuKen Thunder Slash. Using lightning, it's the most powerful attack.


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