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Fear Squirming in the Darkness (闇にうごめく恐怖 Yami ni Ugomeku Kyōfu?) is the fifteenth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


A man named Koichi fights a Familar. Yuuya Amachi, the commander of SHOT announces that with the arrival of the two new enemies, he is leaving for SHOT's headquarters, the Bureau of Planetary Safety. As Ichiko and Ritsuko, the twin cops eat lunch, Ritsuko and others begin to grow metal on their bodies. SHOT suspects the Jamanga of releasing a virus but can't find the source. Koichi visit Kaori's florists and tries to pay with British money. Kenji, Rin and Fudou track the source of the virus, but Kenji is attacked by a super strong Ritsuko. Kenji and Fudou fight and manage to knock out Ritsuko. Rin also falls victim to the virus. Kenji follows Koichi, GekiRyuKen having felt magic on him. Setoyama discovers that Rin and Ritsuko were bitten by something to cause the transformation. Kenji visits Kaori to meet her where he notices a strange bug on her neck. When he was going to remove that, the bug disappears much to their surprise. Kenji suspects the bug to be the main culprit.Fudou and Kenji again start their journey to find out the bug and more infected people. On the way, they meet Koichi. Koichi uses the flowers he bought to lure out the biting bug. The bug enlarges and becomes a giant. Fudou and Kenji transform to fight it, with Koichi joining them as RyuJinOu on the later stage. RyuJinOu uses the JuuOu DeltaShadow to destroy the bug, curing the affected people. In the end, Kenji asks who is he and why doesn't he joins SHOT who answers that they will come to know everything in right time.


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