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Farewell, Moonlight Swordsman (さらば月光の剣士 Saraba Gekkō no Kenshi?) is the twenty-first episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


SHOT prepares for the upcoming solar eclipse. Kenji is reminded of Jack Moon. Jamanga prepares to execute Jack Moon but he escapes to Akebono where he is soon attacked by RyuJinOu. Jack Moon disappears after an explosion but Kenji finds him dying with only three days left to live. He vows to have a rematch with RyuKenDo during the eclipsde when his powers are at their height. Meanwhile, Lady Gold sends her Tsukaima after Jack Moon. As the eclipse starts, RyuKenDo and Jack Moon start their battle while RyuGunOu keeps the Tsukaima at bay. RyuJinOu returns to fight Jack Moon. Kenji transforms into Thunder RyuKenDo and defeats Jack Moon as the eclipse passes. A new demon appears and takes up Jack Moon's sword...


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