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Enemy? Friend? (敵か?仲間か? Teki ka? Nakama ka??) is the sixteenth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Amachi finds records of RyuJinOu fighing Jamanga in Italy, Greece and England, believing him top have stolen the Madan RyuCore. A large rock crashes in Akebono Tower, but soon it is seen transforming into the demon, Rock Crimson. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu are sent to fight it but are overpowered. Still, Kenji does not give up and continues to fight but is badly injured. Fudou understands the case is going to be serious, takes Kenji and retreats back to SHOT HQ. Meanwhile, Koichi hears the news of Rock Crimson and Madan Warriors' defeat. Trying to come up with a new plan, Setoyama has trouble tuning a Madan Key, a Key that might help them beat Rock Crimson. Fudou takes it to the Power Spot of Jamanga to complete the tuning. Meanwhile, Rock Crimson attacks again, with only an injured RyuKenDo to fight him. RyuGunOu reaches the Power Spot as Koichi comes to help RyuKenDo. With the new Dagger Key ready, Fudou has RyuKenDo use it to summon the Madan Dagger. GekiRyuKen asks Kenji to combine him with the Madan Dagger to form Twin Edge GekiRyuKen. RyuKenDo defeats Rock Crimson with the new weapon, but his remains aren't finished yet.


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