Doctor Worm

Doctor Worm (Dr.ウォーム, Dokutā Wōmu?) is Jamanga's General.

Character History

Doctor Worm is Jamanga's mad scientist who is responsible for placing Madan Keys into the Book of Dark Canon for the creation of Demon Beasts. He is also Jamanga’s Magic Engineer, corresponding to Setoyama. Sometimes, he will send Tsukaima to Akebono City to cause chaos but most of the time he will not participate in the battle alone. The relationship with Jack Moon in the early stages are bad and he was not very close with other generals except Rock Crimson. He also performs other menial work, such as resurrecting Rock Crimson and telling Lady Gold not to sit on his demon creation pedestal. Doctor Worm was loyal to Daimaou GrenGhost and will do anything to aid in the resurrection of Daimaou GrenGhost. Therefore, even if he is not pleasing to the eyes of other generals, they will close one eye so that Doctor Worm can collect Minus Energy for Daimaou GrenGhost. Doctor Worm uses a small flying saucer as his form of transportation. He also changes into his pyjamas and nightcap before going to sleep.

After his friend Rock Crimson was killed, Doctor Worm revealed that he knew of the Ultimate Keys and hid the fact to protect his position. With the truth exposed, he was almost killed by Lady Gold and Bloody, were not for the piece of Rock Crimson on his person. While performing Rock Crimson's funeral, he invited RyuKenDo and the rest of the Madan Warriors out of his friend's final wish, seeing the true nature of humans. But to save the face of being a demon and not suffer the wrath of the Jamanga, he revoked his friendship with Rock Crimson and defeated the Madan Warriors singlehandedly. Driven insane by his newfound conviction, he bent on solely reviving Daimaou GrenGhost and nothing else.

After the defeat of Lady Gold and Bloody, he continues to take command of the Tsukaima to protect Daimaou GrenGhost from being wiped out by Madan Warriors. Although Daimaou GrenGhost was eventually defeated by Ultimate Madan Slash, his soul lives. In the end, he contributed his body to merge with Daimaou GrenGhost’s soul to form a humanized body. When Daimaou GrenGhost absorbed the capacity of magic power to the maximum, his head was exposed out from the abdomen of Daimaou GrenGhost’s body before being ripped into pieces once Daimaou GrenGhost was powerful enough to assume his true form.

Powers and Abilities

  • Species Creation
  • Wand Magic
  • Battle Suit Creation
    • Doctor Worm created a Catwoman Battle Suit for Lady Gold.


  • Wooden Wand
    • Stone Pedestal
    • Doctor Worm uses this as a form of transportation.
  • Book of Dark Canon
    • Doctor Worm uses this as demon creation pedestal to create Demon Beasts.
  • Unfixed Madan Keys
    • Doctor Worm uses this in conjunction with Book of Dark Canon to create Demon Beasts.


  • Specifications: Doctor Worm
    • Height: Not revealed
    • Weight: Not revealed


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