This article is about a/an monster in Madan Senki Ryukendo.

Faker is an imposting demon who can transform into anyone. He can also transform into Ryukendo and Ryuguno. But first,he transforms into Dr. Worm and he keeps saying, to sleep, to sleep, to sleep go to sleep which is really funny and then he transforms into everyone in the city and make everyone fight with each other. Faker is a demon created by Dr. Worm and processed by 2 madan keys. When he transforms in to Ryukendo, his face is purple. He also has a fake GekiRyuken, but in cant talk and he doesn't have madan keys either. Buy when he transforms in to Ryuguno, his GoRyugun can't talk either, but it CAN shoot.

Faker is a demon that can do the same moves as anyone in Akebono City. Even the madan warriors. Unfortunately, Dr. Worm sent a demon to record the madan warriors fighting skills, which also gives faker the fighting styles.

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