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Dash! King of Beasts (走れ!百獣の王! Hashire! Hyakujū no Ō!?) is the third episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo. It features the debut of Brave Leon.


Jamanga General, Doctor Worm, arrives with a huge armoured black tank to attack Akebono City! The demons are catching the residents one after another. Kenji comes across a female police officer who shoots and fights with a handgun. It is Ichiko and Ritsuko of the Akebono Police Department, Traffic Division. Kenji is impressed by their determination to protect their city by themselves and transform into RyuKenDo and summon the beast king, Brave Leon. Brave Leon is transformed into Leon Trike. To defeat the armoured black tank, RyuKenDo began to track them using Leon Trike!


Kenji is seen napping on a pile of cupboards and GekiRyuKen is trying to wake him up. Fudou appears in the shop and tells Kenji to get up as they got a case to solve. They left the shop immediately upon hearing a loud noise. A Police Officer is seen shooting at the Normal Tsukaima with his pistol but flees immediately upon running out of bullets. More and more civilians are seen kidnapped and lead by Tsukaima to somewhere. Suddenly, an armoured black tank driven by Doctor Worm appears. Doctor Worm is trying to get more Minus Energy from the humans as initially at Jamanga Base, Jack Moon is questioning Doctor Worm as Daimaou GrenGhost feels that the latter is falling behind schedule in collecting Minus Energy and commented that Doctor Worm is incapable of fighting bravely by himself. Therefore, Doctor Worm have this idea to kidnap the civilians to extract Minus Energy to prove to Jack Moon that he can fight.

GekiRyuKen advise Kenji to transform after noticing civilians are not around anymore but Fudou stop him as Ichiko and Ritsuko in their patrol car arrives to remind civilians to evacuate. The patrol car stopped by Fudou and Kenji, with Ritsuko step out of the car and shot the tank with her pistol. Ichiko tells Fudou and Kenji to get in their car immediately as Ritsuko covers them. Before they can start the car and leaves, the car stalled, so everyone has to leave the car immediately. The tank crushes the police car and leaving Ritsuko crying for Yoshinoma-kun, a name given to the patrol car. Ichiko asked Kenji where are Fudou and the latter just realised he got away. At a nearby residential area, Fudou transformed into RyuGunOu summoning his JuuOh, Buster Wolf using Wolf Key.

At another nearby residential area, Ichiko, Ritsuko and Kenji are seen walking with their pistol ready for any crises. Kenji hears a howl and asked GeikRyuKen if it hears anything with the latter answered that it belongs to RyuGunOu's JuuOh, Buster Wolf. Buster Wolf steps on Doctor Worm as it passes by the tank and change to vehicle mode. Doctor Worm immediately call upon Tsukaima to defend and leaves with the tank. Kenji asked Ichiko and Ritsuko on their reason to use pistols with the latter replies they are trying to defend their city themselves. Doctor Worm is seen driving the tank throughout the city with RyuGunOu chasing behind. The tank drives pass Ichiko, Ritsuko and Kenji and all of them try to shot the tank again with their pistols. RyuGunOu reminded Kenji to stop shooting and help out.

Kenji transforms into RyuKenDo with GekiRyuKen remarked that they are pretty far away from the tank at the moment. GekiRyuKen asked RyuKenDo to summon Brave Leon to drive them to the tank. Ichiko and Ritsuko are amazed by the appearance of Brave Leon. RyuKenDo orders Brave Leon to start chasing after the tank but it ignores him. After listening to GekiRyuKen’s advice, RyuKenDo activate vehicle mode on Brave Leon and drives off. GekiRyuKen asked RyuKenDo to feel Leon's voice when he isn't driving properly but end up crashing into a shop. Brave Leon runs away with RyuKenDo chasing behind. Brave Leon lead RyuKenDo into a residential area and RyuKenDo thought Brave Leon did something as he hears a scream from a lady. He went to see what is happening and saw Tsukaima trying to kidnap a civilian away. He immediately attacks the Tsukaima, with Rin commenting at S.H.O.T.'s Base asking RyuGunOu to try stopping the tank. The tank suddenly reverses direction and causing RyuGunOu to drive into the same shop RyuKenDo crashed into earlier.

Brave Leon finally turn back to vehicle mode with GekiRyuKen complimenting that Brave Leon is trying to guide RyuKenDo a shortcut to reach the tank. Ichiko and Ritsuko are seen hiding behind a lorry and went to attack the tank as it arrives at the location to take the kidnapped civilians. RyuKenDo finally arrives at the current location of the tank and saw Ichiko taken away by the Tsukaima. GekiRyuKen asked RyuKenDo to summon Madan Knuckle using Knuckle Key. RyuKenDo activates the powerful, long-distance blaster called Knuckle Spark and defeated all the Tsukaima. Doctor Worm commented that RyuKenDo is strong and hence he will be retreating together with the kidnapped civilians. Doctor Worm tries to leave and end up stopped by RyuGunOu on the other side. Doctor Worm decided to drive passes them with Ritsuko in the way trying to stop the tank with her pistol for taking Ichiko away and crushes their patrol car. RyuKenDo asked Brave Leon to lend him its power as he can’t forgive Doctor Worm for making girls cry. Brave Leon turn back to its JuuOh mode together with Buster Wolf to try to stop the tank from moving.

RyuKenDo activates his final break finishing move, Madan Slash, using the Final Key and slices through the chimney of the tank where Doctor Worm is located. RyuGunOu tries to shot Doctor Worm who is trying to flee in a pod but failed to stop him from leaving. Ambulances are seen at the site of the tank with medical personnel attending to the wounds of the civilians. Kenji is touched by Ichiko asking Ritsuko to take care of the civilians first instead of her. Director Yukimura is seen chasing after Ichiko and Ritsuko for firing their pistols and demands a written letter of apology. Kenji regains his confidence and wanted to keep protecting the people of Akebono City with Fudou watching.


  • Kenji Narukami (鳴神 剣二 Narukami Kenji?): Shogo Yamaguchi (山口 翔悟 Yamaguchi Shogo?)
  • GekiRyuKen (ゲキリュウケン Gekiryūken?, Voice): Kenji Nojima (野島 健児 Nojima Kenji?)
  • Juushirou Fudou (不動 銃四郎 Fudō Jūshirō?): Gen ( Gen?)
  • GouRyuGun (ゴウリュウガン Gōryūgan?, Voice): Yasunori Masutani (増谷 康紀 Masutani Yasunori?)
  • Rin Sakyo (左京 鈴 Sakyō Rin?): Kumi Imura (井村 空美 Imura Kumi?)
  • Yuuya Amachi (天地 裕也 Amachi Yūya?): Kei Shimizu (清水 圭 Shimizu Kei?)
  • Kiichi Setoyama (瀬戸山 喜一 Setoyama Kiichi?): Kentarou Miyagi (宮城 健太郎 Miyagi Kentaro?)
  • Doctor Worm (Dr.ウォーム Dokutā Wōmu?): Takao Handa (飯田 孝男 Handa Takao?)
  • Jack Moon (ジャークムーン Jakku Mūn?, Voice): Mitsutoshi Shiroya (城谷 光俊 Shiroya Mitsutoshi?)
  • Yukimura Yuzaburo (雪村 雄三郎 Yuzaburo Yukimura?): Goro Konosu (鹫巣 吾朗 Konosu Goro?)
  • Ritsuko Takakura (高倉 律子 Takakura Ritsuko?): Hitomi Nakahodo (仲程 仁美 Nakahodo Hitomi?)
  • Ichiko Nakazaki (中崎 市子 Nakazaki Ichiko?): Eri Otoguro (乙黒 えり Otoguro Eri?)
  • Kobashiri Tokuji (驹走 徳治 Tokuji Kobashiri?): Shigehiro Takeda (武田 滋裕 Takeda Shigehiro?)

Arsenal Used


  • Kenji is seen transforming into RyuKenDo in his civilian attire instead of Police Officer attire.

Today's S.H.O.T. Information

Featuring RyuKenDo's JuuOh: Brave Leon

  • This is activated by putting Leon Key into GekiRyuKen and summons him. He can transform into Leon Trike, a powerful mecha support animal.