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DaiMaOh's Egg ( 大魔王の卵 Daimaō no Tamago?) is the 25th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Dr. Worm uses the Regeneration Key to create an army of revived demons to gather Minus Energy for DaiMaOh. Rin receives a package from Hiroshi Teshigawara, someone she doesn't know, until reminded that she helped save him from a thief. He also happens to be the myor's son. Rin is ordered to meet him for dinner. The demons attack so Kenji goes to fight them along with RyuJinOh. Rin finds that she likes Hiroshi. Hiroshi proposes marriage as Fire RyuKenDo accidentally gets the demons to converge on his and Rin's date. Hiroshi protects Rin from the demons and realizes that she would rather be with RyuKenDo fighting demons. Aqua RyuKenDo freezes the demons, allowing RyuJinOu to destroy them. Lady Gold and Dr. Worm introduce SHOT to DaiMaOh, is almost ready to revive...


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