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Tsukaima (遣い魔 Tsukaima?) is Jamanga's Combatmen.

Character History

Normal Tsukaima

They are considered as the lowest demon combatant in Jamanga. They is about four times as powerful as a normal person. He has purple to yellow lines, a pair of bat-like protrusions on his head, and a monocular and eerie face, but with many comical aspects. Their numbers are unlimited as they are created by the magic of Doctor Worm. They utter sounds "Gija! Gija!" In the final battle, the magical power of the resurrected Daimaou GrenGhost made people around the world, including Akebono City, become Tsukaima one after another.

Advanced Tsukaima

The elite of the selected Tsukaima is called Advanced Tsukaima. Advanced Tsukaima includes Tsukaima Master, Swordsman Tsukaima, Samurai Tsukaima, Lady Gold Guard's "Ganymede", "Europa" and "Phobos" are female version Tsukaima (which may change into human bodies), and Bloody's minions' Mechanical Tsukaima. Most of the Advanced Tsukaima are created using Madan Key and can be revived as many times as they are defeated as long as Jamanga General exists. In addition, it seems that they are possible to give instructions to ordinary familiars and take command of battles.

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