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The Demon Army Jamanga (魔人軍団ジャマンガMajin Gundan Jamanga) serves as the principal enemy of the Shot organization and the Madan Warriors. Their main purpose is to gather minus energy that is created when humans are in despair (Fear, Sadness, Restlessness, Jealousy) to resurrect their leader, Daimaou GrenGhost which is reduced to egg form after an attack from Master RyuKenDo long ago.

Jamanga's Generals (Bloody, Mechani Moon, Doctor Worm)


Daimaou GrenGhost (Leader)
(Episode 1-50)
Poisonous Insect Professor Doctor Worm (General)
(Episode 1-50)
Lunar Eclipse Mask Jack Moon (General)
(Episode 1-12,21,51)
(Nightmare: Episode 17)
(Mechani Moon: Episode 35-48)
Golden Queen Lady Gold (General)
(Episode 13-48)
Stone Giant Rock Crimson (General)
(Episode 16,22,37-45)
(Heaven: Episode 46)
Bloodspray Baron Bloody (General)
(Episode 21-41,43-48)

Demon Beasts


  • Tsukaima
    • Lady Gold's Tsukaima (Episode 14-48)
      • Ganymede
      • Phobos
      • Europa
    • Baron Bloody's Tsukaima
      • Mecha Tsukaima
      • Mecha Shinobi Tsukaima (Episode 38)
    • Swordsman Tsukaima
    • Tsukaima Master (Episode 4)
    • Shinobi Tsukaima


  • Armoured black tank (Episode 3)
  • Jack Moon's Castle (Episode 12)
  • Heart-shaped UFO (Episode 23-24)
  • Jamanga Radio Tower (Episode 28)


  • Giant RyuKenDo (Episode 14)
  • Magic Dome (Episode 44)
  • Black Demon Beast (Episode 52)

Other Items

  • Jamanga's Castle
  • Canon of Darkness
  • Madan Keys

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