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Burn! Become a Flame!
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 2
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Burn! Become a Flame! (燃えろ!炎になれ! Moero! Honō ni Nare!?) is the 2nd episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Doctor Worm unleashes the Giga Flower on Akebono City, which is found by a young boy named Shigeru. He is encouraged to make it grow by Kaori. Kenji is shown around the secret SHOT headquarters and officially partners with GekiRyuKen. Soon, the Giga Flower grows to giant proportions and transforms into a monster. RyuGunOu is sent to destroy it while Kenji helps Shigeru. But RyuGunOu is overpowered by Giga Flower. GekiRyuKen asks Kenji to transform who does that. He battles by summoning RyuKen Sword and finally uses Final Key which weakens it. GekiRyuKen asks Kenji to use Fire Key. RyuKenDo uses the new Fire Key to become Fire RyuKenDo and quickly destroys the Giga Flower in an inferno.


Daimaou GrenGhost requested for more Minus Energy. Jack Moon asked Doctor Worm what kind of Demon Beast he is planning to make this time. Doctor Worm decided to make a Demon Beast that can collect Sadness this time instead of just Fear alone. As he started casting spells using the Madan Key, Plant Demon Beast Giga Flower is created. Back in S.H.O.T Base, Rin pass the Madan Key that is collected by Kenji after the defeat of Demon Beast Reptolilix to Kiichi Setoyama to decode the usage of the Madan Key using Canon of Light. After decoding, the Madan Key is revealed to be Fire Key. A group of children is seen walking back home from school. A boy named Shigeru is seemed walking towards Kappa-Jizou, the city's guardian god to pray and notices something glowing in the bushes.

Kenji is seemed walking on the street and decided to stop by Kaori's flower shop. Shigeru interrupted the conversation between Kenji and Kaori and ask her assistance to identify this mysterious plant that he found. He as advised by Kaori to take care of the flower. After leaving Kaori's flower shop, Kenji is wondering if she has a boyfriend but got reminded by Shigeru about his Police work. Kenji realised that he is late and started running. Kenji asked a janitor he saw for directions to the reception desk. On his way, he is amazed by the crowd in the Police Station. Kenji tried to start a conversation with Rin but got mistaken for trying to hit on her. He failed to pronounce her name and Rin is so angry that she introduced the correct way to pronounce her name. Kenji got lead into the Director room by a Police Officer. He was introduced to Director Yukimura, Traffic Chief Tsukioka and Chief Detective Hanada. Kenji realised where he meets Rin initially after noticing Juushirou Fudou entering the Director Room. He got dragged by Fudou to a storeroom and notices Rin changing her Police outfit to S.H.O.T's outfit. Rin faces the wall and did 2 claps, causing a special door to open to access the elevator leading to S.H.O.T's Base.

In Shigeru's house, Shigeru planted the flower he found beside the river bed. The flower unleashes the root to drink the water from the fish tank beside it when no one is noticing. Upon reaching S.H.O.T's Base, Kenji is introduced to Yuuya Amachi, the Commander of S.H.O.T, Rin Sakyou, the Operator, Kiichi Setoyama, the Magical Engineer, and Fudou as Member of S.H.O.T. Kenji notices a mysterious lady in white and asked for her identity but Amachi replied there are only 4 members of S.H.O.T. Kenji tries to look at the lady again but she disappeared. Amachi introduces the history of S.H.O.T to Kenji. Kenji refused to join S.H.O.T initially due to the manipulation of mind earlier but GekiRyuKen persuaded him.

Back in Shigeru's house, Shigeru's Mother is seen watching dramas on television but got interrupted by a sudden earthquake. She opens Shigeru's Room and notices the mysterious plant growing to giant size, tearing a hole in the roof. She got noticed by the Giga Flower and get attacked. Giga Flower attacks the nearby locations to gather more Sadness. Amachi orders Fudou to move out and try to defeat the Giga Flower. Fudou transforms into RyuGunOu and asked GouRyuGun on what he should do and get a reply to eliminate the demon energy to stop the demon plant. Shigeru returns home and shocked to see his mom got swallowed in a pod-like container. Doctor Worm is very pleased with the huge amount of Minus Energy collected. Kaori is seen running towards Shigeru's house but got attacked by the Giga Flower too. Kenji notices and ran out of S.H.O.T's Base, followed by Rin.

Kenji is furious at Giga Flower for attacking Kaori and asked Rin to take Shigeru away. RyuGunOu is seen using Shot Key to use a rapid-fire attack called Dragon Shot on the Tsukaima. Kenji decided to unleash GekiRyuKen and transform into RyuKenDo. Giga Flower releases more Tsukaima to deal with the Madan Warriors. There are too many Tsukaima interfering with the Madan Warriors and Amachi decided to use the new Fire Key obtained to defeat the Giga Flower. RyuKenDo uses the Fire Key and transforms into Fire RyuKenDo. Fire RyuKenDo uses Final Key to use activate finishing move called Blazing Slash and burned the Giga Flower away, collecting a Madan key as a result.

After the battle, Shigeru is seen trying to wake up his mother same goes to Kenji trying to wake up Kaori with Rin and Shigeru watching far away.


Arsenal UsedEdit

  • Madan Keys Used
    • RyuGun Key
    • Wolf Key
    • Shot Key
    • RyuKen Key
    • Fire Key
    • Fire Final Key


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