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Baron Bloody is a robotic Demon who saved Jack Moon, only to use him as part of his plan. Once Jack Moon died, Bloody took Jack Moon's sword and used it to eventually revive Jack Moon into Mechani Moon, under his control. He made his attack on Akebono with his AsteRoids before revealing himself, intent on destroying the Maden Ryu Cores. Baron Bloody was the one responsible for killing Koichi Shiranami's parents 10 years ago in an attempt to destroy the Madan RyuCores that became Gekiryuu and GouryuuGun, destroying all of Europe if he succeeded. As a result, Bloody became Koichi's mortal enemy. Bloody soon began his part with collecting Minus energy with his Jamadroids and then the construction of Grenstar. He attempted to kill Ryuujinou, but ended up being killed by him, with only his drill staff remaining. But once revived and revealed to have Koichi's Ultimate Key in his body, Bloody was finally destroyed when Ryukendo removes the key before Ryujino lands the deathblow.

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Baron Bloody was portrayed by Hirofumi Tanaka



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