All Jamanga Appear! Superior Maneuver


All Jamanga Appear! Superior Maneuver (ジャマンガ幹部総登場!頂上作戦, Jamanga Kanbu Sō Tōjō! Chōjō Sakusen?) is the 45th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


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The Jamanga soldiers dig the grass for unknown reason. God Ryukendo and Magna Rougunou appear and defeat them. They soon find four stones. At the SHOT base its revealed to be a barrier protecting the SHOT base from the Jamanga. Immediately, the three Jamanga superiors appear on the demon radar. They use the mecha ball to find the magic leaking from the SHOT base.

Kouchi comes to the SHOT base suggesting that the three of them keep the Jamanga away. Kenji, Fudou and Kouchi head out to stop them. Rujin takes on Baron. Magna Rougunou takes on Lady Gold. God Ryukendo takes on Dr Worm and his soldiers. Meanwhile at the Base it has appeared that a fourth superior has also appeared. The commander asks whether the magic leaking from the power can be moved. Setoyama says YES and prepares to remove it. Meanwhile the three Madan Warriors battle the superiors. The fourth superior, Rock Crimson raid the SHOT Base just as Setoyama and Rin leave with the Leaking Magic. Meanwhile God Ryukendo struggles to end the battle and God Gekiryuken suggests to destroy the mecha ball. With the three balls destroyed they head to protect Setoyama and Rin.

Rock Crimson attacks the two. The Madan Warriors arrive and prepare to battle him. The Jamanga are watching. The three Madan Warriors use their final attacks and blow up Rock Crimson. Before Rock Crimson revives, God Ryukendo jumps in. Wondering how to escape a golden key appears and tranforms God Ryukendo into a Golden form. Filled with power and lot of energy Golden Ryukendo permanently destroys Rock Crimson. Later Fudou asks what happened suddenly. Kouchi says it was shining gold. Setoyama implies he has to decode the canon of light. Back at the SHOT base the commander stares at the image of the Golden form of God Ryukendo


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