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A Time-Surpassing Meeting (時を超えためぐり逢い Toki o Koeta Meguriai?) is the thirteenth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Kenji and Fudou are staked out in abandoned factories on criminal missions. He finds and tracks the thief, but Kenji falls off the roof. After regaining consciousness, Kenji calls out to RyuGunOu, who is fighting the Tsukaima on the spot. However, he declared that he does not know about Kenji like memory loss. To tell the truth, Kenji went back in time and returned six months ago. It was a time when Fudou was fighting alone. Kenji began to talk about the upcoming fierce match against Jamanga.


Fudou and Kenji stake out the hideout of Dobunezumi Boy, a thief. Kenji sees the thief and chases him. Suddenly the thief disappears and Kenji returns. RyuGunOu fights off the Tsukaima, the tank-cum-robot, who attacks him along with Tsukaima, Jamanga footsoldiers but doesn't seem to recognize Kenji, being surprised that Kenji knows his real name. Having left GekiRyuKen in the car, Kenji can't prove that he works for SHOT. Believing Fudou has lost his memory, Kenji instead tells him about their exploits since he arrived in Akebono, but it doesn't work. GouRyuGun suggests that Kenji passed through a time slip during the battle to a time before he joined SHOT. Hearing of all RyuKenDo's powers and JuuOu, Fudou fears that his own RyuGunOu will be forgotten by the people. However, Kenji tells him of RyuGunOu's Dragon Cannon, but Fudou passes out, having fought all demons up to this point alone. After Kenji defeats the Tsukaima escapes and Kenji bandages Fudou up. When Fudou gains conscious, he tells him that, finally, with RyuKenDo around, he'll be able to relax a bit. The Tsukaima return along with Tsukaima and as Fudou fights them, Kenji disappears back through the time slip. Meanwhile, Fudou has captured the thief, but as GouRyuGun explains what happens, he escapes, handcuffing Fudou and Kenji together. Later, two shadowy figures appear.


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